Targeting Earmarks

the anti-earmarks issue is a fraud. It’s a neocon trick, pushed by the Club for Growth and similar groups. It’s a way for the neocons to seem to be against spending while not actually being against it, and it’s a way to strengthen the presidential dictatorship against the legislature. Once again, earmarks are not spending; they allocate spending, to local pork rather than presidential pork. Ron Paul, of course, does it right. He is willing, as a representative, to request earmarks in appropriations for his constituents’ local projects, but votes against the spending itself.


The Anti-Fed Movement

Here’s an interesting piece from WaPo-owned Slate on the anti-Fed movement, which includes trimmers and phonies as well as the real deal. The good guys mentioned include Ron Paul, Jim Grant, Kevin Duffy, and the godfather, Murray Rothbard. Thanks to Bethany McLean for this sentence:

Murray Rothbard, the controversial libertarian economist who many consider the intellectual father of the anti-Fed movement, wrote in 1994 (The Case Against the Fed) that if the Fed were to be abolished, then “the banks would, at last, be on their own, each bank responsible for its own actions. There would be no lender of last resort, no taxpayer bailout [italics mine].”

Now, “controversial” typically means Don’t Read, but Murray’s genius, productivity, and writing ability have made him a colossus 15 years after his untimely death. He was always that, of course, but now people recognize it, in the freedom movement and the Austrian School, which is at its core Misesian-Rothbardian. Thanks to the Mises Institute, all Murray’s works are available for free on the web, with more to come.