Media Coverage of TAC on Pres. Trump and Asset Forfeiture

Earlier today in The Blaze, a relatively fair report, with a pretty solid quote from TAC communications director, Mike Maharrey: Burton’s legislation would make it necessary for law enforcement officers to know beforehand that the possessors of the seized cash or property are, in fact, actually criminals and the property is in some way linked…


Will Liberals Learn to Love the 10th Amendment?

Over at Reason, Damon Root asks, Will Liberals Learn to Love the 10th Amendment? He writes: Liberals today are more likely to view Scalia’s handiwork in a far more favorable light. That’s because Printz now serves as perhaps the single best legal precedent in support of the constitutionality of so-called sanctuary cities—municipalities that either won’t…


Nullify Chapter 16: Three Steps to Stop Federal Gun Control

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Seventy-plus years of federal gun control is not going to be overturned by congress or the courts, but step-by-step actions by states can help bring it to an end.