Building Bridges where none existed before: TAC flies blimp over NSA Data Center in Utah

I like building bridges – especially where most people think they can’t exist.

Case in point. This morning, TAC partnered with Greenpeace and Electronic Frontier Foundation to fly a blimp directly over the NSA data center in Utah. It had a sign on it and an arrow pointing down – “illegal spying below!”


California committee cites 10th Amendment in passage of bill banning assistance to NSA

SACRAMENTO, June 24, 2014 – Citing the 10th Amendment and support from the Tenth Amendment Center (TAC), the California Assembly Public Safety Committee voted unanimously to approve a bipartisan bill which creates a mechanism to turn off all material support and assistance, including water and electricity resources, from California to federal mass surveillance programs. The vote was 5-0.


This week, I’m personally stuffing, sealing, labeling and stamping 3000 direct mail pieces. This is a LOT of work, but it absolutely needs to be done.  (more…)


When opposing the Stamp Act (and eventually nullifying it), here’s a strategy that Samuel Adams NEVER took.

“Let’s replace the current leaders with new ones that agree with us.” (more…)