Tennessee legislature votes unanimously to nullify some federal roadside checkpoints

Practically speaking, the bill would block roadblocks set up as part of a multimillion dollar federal study run by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation based in Maryland operates the checkpoints, run by uniformed officers. Officers offer motorists cash for DNA samples, generally $10 for a cheek-swab and $50 for blood. Officers reportedly up the ante for motorists who refuse, offering $100.


New Hampshire house passes bill to ban use of warrantless data

CONCORD, N.H., March 6, 2014 - Yesterday, the New Hampshire house passed a bill to thwart some of the actions of the growing surveillance state. House Bill 1533 (HB1533), which bans the use of any information obtained from a “portable electronic device” such as mobile phone in “a criminal, civil, administrative, or other proceeding,” passed by a voice vote and now moves on to the senate for further consideration.


Obamacare Nullification back on the move in South Carolina

Last year, the South Carolina Freedom of Health Care Protection Act was introduced, H.3101. It was known as the “Obamacare Nullification” bill because it initially declared the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to be illegal within the state. Through the house process, the bill was significantly narrowed and eventually passed by a large margin. The vote was 65-34.…


Arizona 4th Amendment Protection Act passes committee, full senate vote next

PHOENIX, February 24, 2014 – Today, a powerful Arizona state senate committee passed SB1156, the 4th Amendment Protection Act, by a vote of 4-2 with one member absent. The bill now moves on to a vote in the state senate, which is likely to be the first full legislative body in the country to vote on a bill designed to thwart surveillance programs from the National Security Agency (NSA).