To the Governor’s Desk: Texas Bill Establishes Bullion Depository, Helps Facilitate Transactions in Gold and Silver

AUSTIN, Tex. (May 31, 2015) – With just hours remaining before final deadlines in the 84th legislative session today, the Texas state House gave final approval to a bill that represents a first step towards gold and silver as commonly-used legal tender in the state.


Behind the Scenes: Setting up to Shoot New TAC Videos

BEHIND THE SCENES: Doing some test runs for our upcoming daily and weekly video reports here at TAC. We’ll be discussing current events, important constitutional issues and nullification news. Stay tuned!

Please stand with us as we push back and work to nullify every unconstitutional federal act!


The Founders Urged Resistance, not “slavish” obedience

“That the doctrine of non-resistance against arbitrary power and oppression is absurd, slavish, and destructive to the good and happiness of mankind.”
– North Carolina Ratification Document

Short version – violations of your liberty shouldn’t be met with anything but resistance. We call it nullification – by states, localities and individuals.