When most people take off of work, they have to request off in advance, and someone covers some or all of their work while they’re out.

However, for me, I’m lucky to never have to request off or get approval from some dumb boss. But, on the other hand, when I miss a day, there’s no one doing my work, so it just means long hours in the days leading up to my time off. Like yesterday – 8:30am – 3:30am.


And I’m probably doing it again today.

But I’m still really excited to have a Wed-Mon off with my brother and nephews for Independence Day weekend.’

I hope you enjoy yours too!


If you think the Supreme Court selling us down the river is a new thing, or they’re just being pushed around by the President…I’ve got some property to sell you on Jupiter.

The courts are part of the problem, they’ve been part of the problem and they’ll continue to be part of the problem. The problem is the federal government