Taking a Swipe at Big Brother: Missouri voters say YES to Privacy

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., Aug. 5, 2014 – By a big margin at the polls on Tuesday, Missouri voters took an important step to protect their electronic communications and data from the prying eyes of state and local law enforcement, and also effectively blocked a small but intrusive practical effect of federal spying within the state.


More Universities Help NSA Spying: Time to Stop it

Did you know the NSA enters into partnerships with colleges and universities?

Schools that partner with the NSA earn the Orwellian sounding designation of “Centers for Academic Excellence.” Depending on the nature of the partnership, these universities serve as either training and recruiting ground for future spies. Or they take on NSA funded research projects to further the agency’s mission – spying on the world. Or both.


Surprise: Government Panel Approves Government Spying

On July 1, the Associated Press breathlessly reported that an “independent civil liberties board” gave NSA spying the constitutional seal of approval and declared the spy agency employs “reasonable” safeguards designed to protect the rights of Americans.

Funny what the AP considers “independent.”