Nulllification can lead to a State Economic and Prosperity Plan

Hear ye, hear ye.   Pull your chair up to the edge of the precipice. I have a story to tell…

Nullification can imply, if not be the road to  economic and prosperity as an action plan, demonstrating that State Soverignty is good the well being of its citizens.  Putting together three of TAC’s 10th Amendment legislations, plus creating a Health Free Zone in your  State could be the basis for revitalizing and promoting economic and prosperity for all in the State!

Based on a recent article, Create the first Health Freedom Zone in America. a live talk show referencing a couple great health reform ideas, Mike Adams has triggered an Action Plan for any state to move toward sovereignty. I am calling it the 2+2 plan= State Economic & Prosperity Plan.  Whether your State is nullifying ObamaCare or not, this plan opens the health field to competition, and creates a mecca for bringing commerce and prosperity to your State.

The 2+2 is a core strategy for state sovereignty and freedom.  The ‘+2’ part of the plan is a one-two punch for health, wealth and prosperity, but not self-reliance and the full blessings of liberty for you and your progeny.  Together, they are almost invincible.

The first ‘2′ in the “2+2″ is based on sovereignty principles for any state, country or wannabe self-sustaining jurisdiction. The ‘+2’ is viable actions a state can take.  Both 2’s in the ‘2+2’ are things a state can do using legislation, the Tenth Amendment, honor ‘the blessings of freedom,’ and create a viable economy in these trying and surely to become darker times ahead.

There are two fundamental principles for creating a viable self sustaining, self reliant and self standing state:  gaining control of the Purse & Sword. This is based on the solid work of Dr Vieira, the constitutional lawyer who advances this theme (video).  TAC has been tracking this, the Purse idea via the Constitutional Tender legislation and the Sword via the Defend the Guard legislation tracking .


State’s Rights Chrestomathy & Entropy of federal programs

The propensity of federal over-reach programs to die on the vine, to fail due to bureaucratic entropy over time is the newest BIG SECRET. Yes, federal programs sometimes seem to rise like the Phoenix, again and again, but in today’s climate of falling budgets, and an economy elongated downturn, things are different.

Matt Ehling, in his article entitled, “REAL ID, No Child Left Behind, and the future of the Affordable Care Act,” is a review of some classic and well known federal programs that have suffered the realities of time and distance from their source, the federal gang in DC. Discussing the reality behind big ticket programs and their status today among the states provides sound strategies and tactics for use in nullifying other government over-reach programs, including ACA or Obama Care, says Mr. Ehling.

‘Approved’ by the President does not mean accepted, implementable or fund-able at the State level, not by a long shot, as shown by Ehling in his article. Using the ACA program, he points out how confused and misunderstood it is, and suggests that it too, will suffer at the hands of systemic, bureaucratic and harsh reality of funding issues in economically trying times. (Here is a short quiz allowing you to see if you do understand the ACA or Obama Care)


UN Warns States not to legalize Marijuana. Say WHAT?!

I am a gunslinger, not a diplomat. My hand naturally went for my piece, as this was a literal slap across our faces.

A diplomat, would smile and try to work something out. Next thing I know, if the diplomat succeeds, there will be a UN rep at a desk next to the governor of Colorado(!) and some UN policy dictating to the state, using coercion and force if necessary to enforce it with ‘troops.’

Not me, not this time. The very idea that UN Warns States not to legalize Marijuana; uh oh, trouble…

I have worked with these dudes. I know their ways and never, ever turn my back to them. I learned to sit with my back to the wall, and sleep with one eye open and my piece under my pillow. These guys are relentless, ruthless, and will take all you have and with impunity, once you let them.

No, no, no. That they dared to openly speak is not good, but definitely worth noting.

I am taking note here, hoping to encourage you to do so too, and take actions, if not now, tomorrow!

Folks, be fearful of this open admonishment, actual attempt to dictate to a sovereign State via the DC gang…

What does this have to do with the UN?


“To Win the Drug War: Follow the States” Branson hits homerun

Richard Branson’s article entitled “To Win the Drug War: Follow the States” is not only a catchy title, but adds to the arsenal of actions all of us can advocate at the State level.  To win, we need to fight the battle at the State level, if not each town, if not each county.

The Drug war is a farce, the federal government uses it to grow itself, impose itself on the people and the States and unless the States take action, this is but the tip of yet another federal take-over that must and needs to be stopped, if we want to Retake America, one State at a time.

Richard Branson makes a solid case,  in this Huffington Post  article,  that the Drug war has devastating impact on our country, that neither party during campaign has brought it up, then goes on to point out the terrible cost in $$$, lives, vast and extensive efforts to fight it, the growth of the prison system and more.  He then goes so far as to point out that public opinion is swinging in favor of basic drug decriminalization, a la marijuana, and that the States could more effectively do the job than the feds, are beginning to do so and—he does not say this—that the current Drug War overall is a bust, a total failure and does more damage to the people, economy and our prosperity, all based on a witch hunt mentality and a way to grow the federal government seemingly without limit.

All this is not only now self evident, from almost all studies done, but from policemen and others working in the field. “Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) represents police, prosecutors, judges, corrections officials and others who, after witnessing the harms of the drug war firsthand, are now devoted to ending that war.” An article just this week by LEAP staff opens with


AGs: States’ Sovereignty Advances Liberty

This article, AGs: States’ Sovereignty Advances Liberty, captures a strategy for working through the system and its structure.  It’s about Stage AG offices using their powers to help thwart federal advances.  Here’s an excerpt:

The Center for Individual Freedom’s “State Sovereignty Project” is being planted in soil already made fertile by resolute actions of conservative state attorneys general. The antiquated term of “states’ rights” doesn’t do justice to their efforts, because they really are defending the states’ ability to look out for their citizens’ individual rights, prerogatives and well-being.

Consider Scott Pruitt of Oklahoma. So dedicated is he to the principle of “federalism” – the vertical diffusion of power allowing the states on some subjects to limit the dangerous centralizing power of the federal government – that he has assigned a team of attorneys to a separate “office of federalism” devoted exclusively to fighting abuses by the feds. Within two months, his team was fighting expensive, overly burdensome, bureaucratic meddling with small community banks, without proper rulemaking authority, by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Due to Pruitt’s efforts, the FDIC backed down.

On another front, Pruitt has taken the lead in fighting “regulation by litigation” – a practice by which outside activist groups file apparently pre-arranged lawsuits against the Environmental Protection Agency. Quite amazingly, the EPA then enters a “consent decree” with a court within a single day, granting the activists what they wanted and binding multiple states to expensive restrictions without ever letting the states have a chance even to comment on what amounts to a new federal rule. Going through the normal rule-making process, open to public comment and review, might take years; this way, the EPA does it overnight without benefit of sunlight or procedural fairness.

This is another weapon in the fight for liberty and freedom, as defined in the US. Constitution and most individual State constitutions, defending, protecting the “blessing of liberty.”  There is or should be little question in anyone’s minds that the America Revolution was NOT to beat one tyrannical government and set up another, but to defend the newly found way of life, the ‘blessings of liberty’ found in America.

So, here we have Attorney Generals (AGs) of the several states taking a stand for the “are defending the states’ ability to look out for their citizens’ individual rights, prerogatives and well-being.” The article states that it is conservative AGs, but I suggest it is the underlying humanity of the issue that matters, and not their political affiliation.