ACTION ALERT South Carolina Freedon of Health Care Protection Act of 2013, H3101


The South Carolina Freedom of Health Care Protection Act of 2013, H.3101, needs your support for full passage.H.3101 will be voted on, before the entire South Carolina House of Representatives, in Columbia

1. If you live in South Carolina, call your state representative, and let him know you want H.3101 passed. Remind him that his obligation lies with the people of South Carolina, and the Constitution, not an out of control central government, and that he has a duty to interpose and protect the people he serves. You can findcontact information HERE. Here a shorter list of the members of the SC House of Representatives that control your family’s fate in being protected from Obamacare in SC.

Kris Crawford, Phillip Lowe, Bobby Harrell, Kenny Bingham, Rick Quinn, Shannon Riley, Tommy Pope, Nathan Ballentine, Bruce Bannister, Liston Barfield, Don Bowen,
Doug Brannon, Derham Cole, Tracy Edge, Ray Felder, Kirkman Finlay, Mike Forrester, Craig Gagnon, Mike Gambrell, Wayne George, Bill Herbkersman, David Hiott, Bill Hixon,
Ralph Kennedy, Chip Limehouse, Jay Lucas, Peter McCoy, James Merrill, Weston Newton, Andy Patrick, Samuel Rivers, Mike Ryhal, Bill Sandifer, Gary Simrill, B.R. Skelton, Murrell Smith, Roland Smith, Mike Sottile, Edward Southard, Kit Spires, Anne Thayer, Brian White

They are the swing votes that will either pass or kill H.3101 our bill to nullify Obamacare. There are a lot of names people….Currently we may not have the votes needed to pass H.3101.


SC House Judiciary subcommittee supports Obamacare nullification

COLUMBIA, S.C. (March 19, 2013) – On Tuesday, South Carolina moved a step closer to refusing cooperation with Obamacare, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

The House Judiciary Committee’s Constitutional Law Subcommittee recommended approval of H3101, with one amendment.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. William M. “Bill” Chumley, forbids any state or federal compliance with PPCACA provisions. However, it was amended to remove criminal penalties for federal officers who attempt to implement, or enforce Obamacare within South Carolina.

Tenth Amendment Center communications director Mike Maharrey praised the South Carolina House Judiciary subcommittee for the bill’s favorable recommendation, noting the power of state non-compliance.


NDAA Nullification Needs Your Help in South Carolina

On Tuesday afternoon, February 5th, the South Carolina senate Judiciary Committee declined to send to the full senate a bill, S.92, to nullify a portion of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act authorizing the president to use the military to capture and indefinitely detain any citizen he deemed to be a terrorist.  The bill was originally sponsored by Senator Tom Davis, of Beaufort County.

Half of the Republicans and all of the Democrats on the committee voted to “hold the bill over.” While not the same as a NO vote, killing the bill, it can effectively act as vote against the bill – preventing it from receiving a full floor vote in the Senate.

A bill held over can still come up for consideration, whereas a NO vote ends any consideration on the bill. That means S.92 will come up for another vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee, likely within the next week.

If you support due process and oppose the power to “indefinitely detain” in South Carolina, you can help get this bill moving forward. Please follow the action steps below right now.



ACTION ALERT: South Carolina NDAA Nullification Act of 2013


The South Carolina National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Nullification Act of 2013, S.92, needs your support for full passage. S.92 has been assigned to the Judiciary Committee, where the chairman, Sen. Larry A. Martin has referred it to subcommittee.

1. If you live in South Carolina, call Sen. Larry A. Martin and let him know you want S.92 passed out of subcommittee, then the full committee, as written. Remind him that his obligation lies with the people of South Carolina, and the Constitution, not an out of control Homeland Security Department, and that he has a duty to interpose and protect the people he serves. You can find his contact information HERE.

2. Also contact other committee members and urge them to vote for the bill passed as written. You can find committee member contact information HERE.

3. Contact your own state senator and state representative and ask them to support S.92. You will find Senate contact information HERE.

4. On Tue, Feb 5th, The Judiciary Committee will hold a public meeting on S.92. The Hearing will be held on Tuesday, 5 February at 1:30pm, in the Gressette Building, in Columbia. Members of the public may speak on the bill. Those who wish to do so should arrive about 1pm, in order to sign up in time to speak. The meeting is supposed to last at least one hour. Use the talking points below to make your case in this public hearing.


When it comes to nullification of unconstitutional federal laws, the feet of some Republicans in the South Carolina legislature reportedly got cold over the last few weeks, and they need to be reminded that we’re watching the progress of the NDAA Nullification Act of 2013.


NDAA Nullification Bill to be Introduced in South Carolina

Will South Carolina defend the Fifth Amendment and Due Process..through the Tenth Amendment?

Yes, if State Senator Tom Davis has his way. An update on his public Facebook page yesterday announced that he’s working on just that:

Spent today drafting the NDAA Nullification Act that I will prefile in the SC Senate next month.

Indefinite Detention of people by federal authorities has been ‘authorized’ by the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), signed by Barack Obama at the end of 2011. Indefinite detention is a clear violation of habeas corpus, as protected in Article 1, and due process, as protected in the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution. Under the Tenth Amendment, each state has the right, the responsibility, and the duty to protect its resident from federal overreach.

NDAA Nullification legislation has already passed into law in the State of Virginia, where Bob Marshall’s HB1160 garnered massive bipartisan support from the grassroots. More than 16 local communities have passed similar resolutions and ordinances as well. In Texas, NDAA Nullification under HB149 was introduced this month. And sources close to the Tenth Amendment Center tell us to expect at least 10 states considering the same in 2013.


Nullification: The means to reestablish federalism

In a USA Today article titled A solution to secession – federalism, Glenn Harlan “Instapundit” Reynolds  proposes federalism as a way to rein in government without splitting up the Union.

He defines federalism as, ” Let the central government do the things that only central governments can do — national defense, regulation of trade to keep the provinces from engaging in economic warfare with one another, protection of basic civil rights — and then let the provinces go their own way in most other issues.” After all, that political philosophy is the foundation of the country.

The Instapundit doesn’t suggest how we might actually make that happen.

Judging by the size and power of the central government, the reach of the laws it passes, and the accelerating rate of increase in all of the above, expecting the Congress and president to voluntarily stop doing what they’ve been doing for the past 100 years, or so, is insanity. It doesn’t matter which party wrests control of the system, the federal government continues to grow. Don’t expect the Supreme Court to side with Liberty, either.