Opportunity Lost: New Mexico Rejects Bill to Legalize Marijuana, Nullify Unconstitutional Federal Prohibition

SANTA FE, New Mexico (Feb. 22, 2016) – The New Mexico Senate killed an important measure to legalize marijuana this week, squandering an opportunity to nullify federal prohibition in effect. Instead, New Mexico will help maintain the unconstitutional status quo.


Connecticut Bill would Legalize Marijuana for Recreational Use, Nullify Federal Prohibition in Practice

HARTFORD, Conn. (Feb. 18, 2015) – A bill introduced in the Connecticut House would legalize marijuana for recreational use. Passage would not only legalize marijuana in the Constitution State, but would also take a big step toward nullifying federal cannabis prohibition in practice in the state.


An Indiana Massacre: 12 Nullification Bills Killed by Republican Leadership, 11 Without a Hearing!

Indiana State House and Senate leadership was remarkably effective at protecting the status quo this year. They killed 11 bills that would have blocked unconstitutional power without so much as a debate or a vote, and gutted another promising bill by changing its intent to something completely different than originally introduced.


Oklahoma Action Alert: Help Block Federal Gun Control, Support HB3051 and SB1124

Oklahoma SB1124 and HB3051 would prohibit state cooperation with the enforcement all future federal gun control measures, setting the foundation to nullify them in practice within the state. (learn more here)

HB3051 must pass in the House Rules Committee while SB1124 must pass in the Senate Rules Committee before the bills can proceed.

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West Virginia Action Alert: Help Legalize Industrial Hemp, Support HB2807

West Virginia HB2807 would legalize industrial hemp for commercial production and distribution in the state, nullifying in practice the federal prohibition on the same. The bill must pass in the House Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee to receive a full House vote.

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