Missouri Action Alert: Help Nullify Federal Hemp Ban, Support HB830 and SB255

Missouri HB830 and SB255 and would legalize industrial hemp for production, and effectively nullify the federal ban.

STATUS: HB830 passed through two committees and moves to the House floor. SB255 must pass through the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee successfully. Take the following action steps to support these important bills.


Massachusetts Bill Would Help Block Federal Militarization of Local Police

BOSTON (Mar. 23, 2015) – A bill introduced in the Massachusetts state House would prohibit state and local police from procuring military equipment from the federal government without a public hearing and local government approval, taking the process out of the hands of law enforcement agencies and placing it under control of the people.


Vermont Bill to Restrict Drones and License Plate Tracking Passes Two Senate Committees

MONTPELIER, Vt. (Mar 22, 2015) – A bill that would put strict limitations on tracking and surveillance through the use of automated license plate reader systems (ALPRs) and unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), and would impact some federal programs, passed unanimously through two Vermont state Senate committees last week.


Arizona Senate Committee Passes Bill to take on Unilateral EPA Rules over Intrastate Waters

PHOENIX (Mar. 20, 2015) This week, an Arizona Senate committee passed a bill that would help block unilateral EPA rules over “nonnavigable intrastate waters or waterways.” The bill previously passed the full House, and on Wednesday, the Senate committee vote was 4-3.


Florida Action Alert: Help Stop Drone Surveillance, Support S0766 and H0649

In 2013, SB92 was passed into law, taking good first steps to stop warrantless drone spying. (read about it here)

For 2015, two complementary bills in the Senate (S0766) and House (H0649) would further restrict drone surveillance. S0766 must pass through the Senate Judiciary Committee successfully, and H0649 must pass through the House Civil Justice Subcommittee successfully before the bills can receive full votes in their respective chambers. Take the following steps to support these important bills.