Surging Costs for State-Run Health Care Exchanges Put Obamacare’s Future in Grave Danger

The costs for states that operate Obamacare exchanges are surging, putting them in jeopardy. Since this is the common path for most federal programs, it serves as yet another reason that all states should refuse to implement these exchanges and let the feds try to do it on their own – a nearly impossible task considering their limited resources.


New York Action Alert: Help Nullify Some FDA Restrictions on Terminal Patients, Support A6889 and S4716

New York A6889 and S4716 would effectively nullify in practice some FDA rules that block experimental treatments for terminally ill patients.

A6889 must pass through the Assembly Health Committee, and S4716 must pass through the Senate Health Committee. Take the following steps to support these important bills.


Wisconsin Action Alert: Help Nullify Some FDA Restrictions on Terminally-ill, Support SB125

Wisconsin SB125 would nullify in practice certain FDA rules blocking experimental medicine for terminally ill patients. The bill must pass through the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services before it can receive a vote in the state Senate. Please take the following steps to support this important bill.


California Action Alert: Help Stop Federal Militarization of Police, Support AB36

California AB36 would take the first step towards blocking federal programs that militarize local police by requiring all 1033 Program transfers to be approved by the local governing body. It passed the Local Government Committee by a vote of 9-0 and now must pass through the Appropriations Committee.



Texas House Bill Creating Mechanism to Review and Reject Unconstutional Federal Acts Receives Committee Hearing

AUSTIN, Texas (May 4, 2015) – A bill in the Texas state House to create a mechanism for the state to review and reject any federal order, law, police, rule, mandate or agency regulation that is found to violate the Bill of Rights of the Texas Constitution received its first committee hearing last week.