Trickle-Down Federal Power

From Tenther Radio, Episode 116

If we are tucked away safe inside, we don’t tend to worry much about a major rain storm. Sure, we live in a low lying area we might have some concern about flooding, or maybe a mud slide. But in general, we sit inside safe and dry, and go on about our business.

But sometimes, major rain can cause major problems that we aren’t even aware of until it’s too late. Imagine if you have a little leak in your roof – say just the size of a nail. Water trickles in, but nothing you would ever notice. Just a steady little flow. The water puddles in your ceiling. The puddle grows. But you are blissfully unaware until…

WOOOOOOSH! The ceiling gives way under the weight of the pooling water and all of a sudden you have a deluge in your bedroom.

Trickle down can cause big problems.

Well, we have a trickle down problem when it comes to overreaching federal power.


The Mainstream Media Sham

From Tenther Radio, Episode 115

Can you imagine a reporter doing a story on professional basketball in the United States and not contacting, or even referencing, the NBA?

How about a story on space flight without any attempt to talk to the folks over at NASA?

Or an article about online auctions that fails to reference eBay?

You wouldn’t have a whole lot of faith in the credibility of the report, would you?

Well, this happens all the time when it comes to nullification. It seems like at least once a week, we run across a story on the subject that doesn’t even reference the Tenth Amendment Center. Fox News was the latest mainstream media organization to spit out an article about nullification full of misinformation and assumptions that we could have easily cleared up. And we know they never tried to contact us about the story, because, well…we’re right here! Easy to find! Just tap a few keystrokes into the little Google search box and there we are! The phone never rang, and an email from the folks at Fox was absent from our mailbox.

I don’t mean to sound like sour grapes, but the Tenth Amendment Center has led the nullification effort for the last seven-plus years. We’ve written model legislation, worked closely with state lawmakers across the United States to get nullification bills passed, and we’ve written hundreds, if not thousands, of article on the subject.


Habeas Corpus as a Forgotten Tool of States Rights

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Habeas Corpus – it holds mystique as the greatest anglo-american legal protection. The federal government has held it in pretty low regard over the years – from Japanese internment camps to guantanamo bay and now the NDAA. Anthony Gregory joins us this week to talk about the Writ’s role in the power struggle between the federal government and the states. He also discusses the proper scope of federal habeas for state prisoners and for wartime detainees from the Civil War and World War II to the modern War on Terror.

Anthony Gregory is Research Fellow at the Independent Institute and author of the forthcoming book the Power of Habeas Corpus in America from Cambridge University Press. He’s written for Huffington Post, the American Conservative,, the Future of Freedom Foundation, and


On the Presidential Debate, ACA Nullification and more

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Welcome to Tenther Radio Sixty-Nine, Michael Boldin broadcasting live from the Los Angeles Studio (his spare bedroom) and joined this evening by his Texas colleague, Jason Rink from the Tenther Austin Studio.

Tonight’s thrilling episode, our heroes discuss Maine’s efforts to nullify Obamacare having Maine State Representative Aaron Libby sharing his efforts on this quest.  But first, Michael and Jason discuss the news.

Out of the gate, Michael and Jason discussed…


Michael Boldin threw a curve ball (high and outside), and brought in the whole Tenther Crew: Jason Rink, John Lambert from the Houston Studio, and John Michaels from the Yugoslavian Studio as they shared their thoughts on Tuesday’s Night Presidential Debate.

Maine State Representative Aaron Libby joined us discussing his efforts to nullify Obamacare in his state.  He introduced a bill last term which failed, but he is planning introducing the bill again which he feels this time will have better success since the Supreme Court ruling.

Jason Rink asked if Romney wins what will be the impact on the Obamacare Nullification movement.  Libby responded, “I will be worried if people were saying, ‘President Romney’ will take of it.  I think if we have the opportunity, we should be doing it and take charge of it.  Don’t push the job off on someone else.”

Later, Libby was asked about the problems with the federal government being limited in theory, but pass laws as they are supreme.  “Definitely, you could have just made the Constitution on line: the federal government is the supreme law of the land.  BOOM…The reason why they spent so many hours in that hot room, arguing and debating was to protect us.  They knew government could be evil.”