The Nullification Generation

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Michael Boldin and Nick Hankoff give updates on NDAA resistance in states around the country, share news on events in Missouri and Philly – and more.

Yesterday, the Tenth Amendment Center co-hosted a media conference call to update reporters on state and local resistance to the NDAA. One of the speakers, Green Party member, Progressive – Fairfax, CA town councilor – Larry Bragman – might have made the best statement possible on how to deal with the NDAA

“I think anybody who takes the oath of office in this country as an elected official has got to do what they can do to reverse, oppose and resist this bill, and that’s what we’re doing in Fairfax.”

Joining the show as a guest to talk about that media call – Blake Filippi, of the Rhode Island Liberty Coalition, and spokesman for the TAC during the event.

When asked about the states responses to the Fugitive Slave Acts, he mentioned, “The State of Rhode Island passed the personal liberty law, and essentially nullified the Fugitive Slave Act.  It forbade judges recognizing claims, it extended trial by jury, and provided habeas corpus to the slaves.”  He continued, “Massachusetts went so far that federal officials who took slaves through the Fugitive Slave Act called it kidnapping. ”


The Money Masters are Ripping You Off

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Michael Boldin and Jason Rink kick off the show talking about two new bills from Congress – HR347 and HR5 – the former on new “protest” laws and the latter on republicans pushing for mandates on the states in a big way while claiming to work on a repeal of part of Obamacare.

Jason Rink commenting on Special National Security Events, “These are events where the Secret Service are involved in any way.  You could have no knowledge that there is Secret Service present like at the Superbowl.  Even if you have no knowledge that the Secret Service is there, and after all, they are Secret Service.  This type of event is one where you have very limited options in exercising your free speech and protesting and it can be a Federal crime.

The first guest on the show was Pat Carmack – producer of the documentary, The Money Masters.


Bridging the Divide, Nullifying NDAA

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Michael Boldin and Jason Rink hosted a show set for a task of bridging the gap between the political Left and Right. Would it, could it, should it be the NDAA issue that brings everyone together?

At the YouTube channel TomWoodsTV Tom Woods says Demand Progress, a liberal political action group, is very comfortable signing onto a coalition finding ways to nullify NDAA’s kidnapping provisions. And Bryce Shonka, Deputy Director of TAC led a conference call with Bruce Fein, Matt Shay, and Naomi Wolf TAC and Bill of Rights Defense Committee for the media. Shonka reports that “Two groups started off never having to work together before” and then putting “together a really good product.”

This very Tenther Radio Blog was being typed by Nick Hankoff when Host Boldin asked for an update on this tenther’s day so far. This writer just happened to take a tour of the Los Angeles branch of the Federal Reserve two hours prior.

Jason Rink has copies of the smash hit documentary film Nullification: The Rightful Remedy over at for per-order but you won’t have to wait if you pick up yours at Nullify Now! Philadelphia on March 31.

Robin Koerner, Huffington Post blogger responsible for the squeak of freedom on that site joined the show as the first guest. He says “people are so ready for what’s not just the Donkey-Elephant game.” Koerner quipped “Let’s try less Capitolism and more capitalism.”


Kevin Gutzman and his new book, James Madison and the Making of America

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Kevin Gutzman discusses his new book, “James Madison and the Making of America.”  Gutzman states his view on Madison’s biggest achievement, “Early in his career, Madison was responsible in the Virginia House of Delegates for adoption of the Virginia Statue of Religious Freedom.  We often credit Thomas Jefferson with that, but Jefferson merely wrote the bill and failed to have it pass.  It was only Madison nine years later who go it enacted into law and made Virginia the first society in the history of the world that was secular.”

Gutzman gives us his view about Madison being known as “Father of the Constitution.”  He points out, “Well, when it comes to the idea he is the Father of the Constitution, they will have this misconception corrected.  Madison famously went to the Philadelphia Convention were the Constitution was written with a draft of the Constitution which is called, ‘The Virginia Plan’ in mind, but in the Philadelphia Convention, this plan was rejected.”  Gutzman continued to make his case by pointing out, “It is inaccurate to call him the Father of the Constitution. This is best captured in a letter he wrote to Thomas Jefferson soon after the convention which he predicted that because Madison’s favorite idea, the federal veto of state laws have been defeated, it was likely that this government would fail within a few years.  So Madison was unhappy with the Constitution.  Far being it’s father, he was unhappy with it.”


NDAA Nullification, Health Freedom and Upcoming Events

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We’ve got about 3 hours of important info to pack into 60 minutes, or so! The biggie? The new NDAA nullification movement is moving forward. States, counties and towns are all starting to get on board. And one of the leaders in that effort is Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall, who joins us to talk about his bill to require Virginia non-compliance with the new federal kidnapping “law.”

We’ve also got a ton of big event announcements. We sent a few of those out in our latest newsletter on Monday – and a few more to share here in this episode.

Plus good friend of the Center, Robert Scott Bell joins us as a special co-host this week. He welcomes as guest, Dr. Nick Gonzalez. They discuss the FDA vs your freedom, the nature of government, history of tyrannies and more. Health freedom and political freedom intersect with RSB!

For far too long, we the people have accepted partisan hacks as people worthy of votes – and organizations worthy of support. We’re pretty sick of it.


Nullify all of it! NDAA, SOPA, Mandates and more

Add to iTunes End piracy, NOT Liberty!” that’s the campaign that Google and other web giants are leading against SOPA – the so-called stop online piracy act. Today, June 18, 2012 has been a massive day of opposition to the idea of the federal government shutting down freedom on the internet. Judge Napolitano wrote on…