Tenther Year in Review

Add to iTunes Welcome to our special Tenther Radio “Year in Review” episode!  First, Michael Boldin and John Bush reviewed the “Most-Read Articles of 2011” from the Tenth Amendment Center Website.  And then, John Bush gave us an update on the Nullifcation: The Movie. The documentary will be premiering at the CPAC convention in Washington DC…


The Bill of Rights vs the FDA and the NDAA

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December 15th being Bill of Rights Day, this special episode of Tenther Radio focuses on two of the greatest threats to your rights today – the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and the FDA. Joining Michael Boldin as co-host – Robert Scott Bell.

Dr. Nick Gonzalez joins Michael and Robert as guests, and tells his view of how centralized power is always damaging to your basic rights to determine your own health, food and nutritional choices – some of the most basic decisions that could and should be made by an individual. He also shares his understanding of history – how the great tyrannies of modern times gave people centralized control over these important issues – with the result of shorter and shorter life spans. The message? Centralized power is dangerous to your freedom – and your health.