On Marijuana in California: “Feds Should Get the Hell Out”

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The Obama administration has really upped the ante in its attack on states’ rights. Paul Armentano of NORML and Larry Pratty of Gun Owners of America join us to discuss the recent threats against medical marijuana AND the 2nd Amendment at the same time. The ATF, IRS, DEA, DOJ and others are all joining forces to advance an ideology of centralized control in Washington DC.

Paul Armentano is the deputy director of NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. He provided some strong perspective on the Obama administration’s direct attack on states rights and the will of the people in the states.

Paul is the co-author of the book book, Marijuana Is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?

Larry Pratt also joined the show to talk about this attack – and others – especially on the right to keep and bear arms. Larry has been Executive Director of Gun Owners of America for over 30 years. GOA is a national membership organization of 300,000 Americans dedicated to promoting their Second Amendment freedom to keep and bear arms.

Mr Pratt discussed the ATF suspending the 2nd Amendment for medical marijuana users, and also gave us some explosive news coming out of New Mexico – about a sheriff telling the feds to stuff it.


Obama ups the ante in his war on states’ rights

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The ATF has just released a brazen new policy, aggressively using something unpopular with many conservatives to further their aims to disarm Americans.

A September 21st letter sent by the ATF to Firearms dealers in states that allow medical marijuana says they can’t sell guns or ammunition to registered users of the drug, a policy that marijuana and gun-rights groups say denies Second Amendment rights to individuals who are following state law.

“There are no exceptions in federal law for marijuana purportedly used for medicinal purposes, even if such use is sanctioned by state law,” said the letter by Arthur Herbert, the ATF’s assistant director for enforcement programs and services.

Our position? There are no exceptions in the 2nd Amendment. Period. And, there are no exceptions to the fact that the ATF is not authorized to make law, just state their opinion.


The Obama administration is also issuing direct threats to the state of California. They recently stated that medical marijuana businesses following state law could be raided and shut down at any time. With literally thousands of businesses around the state, is the Obama administration planning on sending in an entire army to attack the people there? We don’t expect so, but the threats are serious.


The Jobs bill is a direct attack on the Constitution

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Tom DiLorenzo on Tenther Radio

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Joining the show as a special guest is Tom DiLorenzo, senior fellow at the Mises Institute. Tom recently wrote a rebuttal to Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr’s recent statement that Tenth Amendment advocates are basically racists.


Look into the Jobs Bill? Nah. Drive it off a Cliff.

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In this episode of TRX: Tenther Radio, Michael Boldin is joined by new co-host, Jason Rink. They talk about how the TAC is different, in one important way, from all over “constitutional” grassroots activist groups, about Jason’s new book Ron Paul: A Life of Ideas. In a new technology segment, they talk about the TeaParty.com domain name, which could fetch upwards of $1 million according to a report in Mashable, Google Plus opening to the public, and privacy issues in government vs private business settings.

Joining the show as a guest, Joe Wolverton talks about nullification as a state’s right and duty, and the new Obama jobs bill scam, plus his upcoming speech at Nullify Now! Jacksonville.


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