Big Money Casino Owners Try to Use Federal Power to Crush Online Competition

By: Jack Inglewood

Communist theorist Leon Trotsky once said, “The end may justify the means as long as there is something that justifies the end.”

Increasingly, policy in the United States seems to reflect Trotsky’s philosophy, especially when it comes to the Tenth Amendment.  Politicians of all stripes seem ever more willing to toss states’ sovereignty aside and trample on the Tenth Amendment for some purported greater good.


The US government has been nullifying the Constitution. Do the states have the right to nullify the federal government? ABSOLUTELY. And anyone who tells you differently is a LIAR.

-Sherrif Richard Mack


IMPORTANT UPDATE on Missouri SB613, the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act

Unfortunately, the NRA is publicly lobbying against the passage of Missouri SB613, the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act. This bill is THE STRONGEST nullification bill in modern times. By leaps and bounds. (learn about it here) It would ban the state from enforcing any federal gun “laws” – and includes criminal charges for even federal agents…