Arizona Voters Approve Measure to Nullify Some FDA Restrictions

PHOENIX, November 4, 2014 – By a huge margin today, voters in Arizona approved a ballot measure that defies some FDA restrictions on drugs for extremely sick patients, effectively nullifying the unconstitutional federal agency in this narrow, but important, area.

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Thomas Jefferson on the Military Draft: “The last of all oppressions”

Sometimes it comes down to the question of what is more important, the rights of individuals or the existence of the nation state? In this case, in the face of serious difficulties faced by the colonists in their war against the British Empire, Jefferson came down on the side of individual liberty.


A Good First Step: California Governor Signs Anti-Surveillance Bill into Law

SACRAMENTO – California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Tuesday originally intended to deny resources to federal agencies engaging in unwarranted and illegal spying. The final version was much narrower in scope, but privacy and civil liberties advocates call the new law something to build on in 2015.


James Madison on “Parchment Barriers” and the defense of liberty

Although in the Federalist Papers James Madison urged ratification of the U.S. constitution, he was also concerned about things it left undone. He thought that many of his contemporaries were too focused on the threats posed by the executive branch, which he thought understandable given the fact that they had just fought a revolutionary war against…