Landslide Victory: First step to gun control nullification in Missouri

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., August 5, 2014 – In a landslide today, Missouri voters took a powerful first step towards a nullification of gun control measures by approving a constitutional amendment “obligating” the state to defend the right to keep and bear arms against all infringements.


Thomas Jefferson, Opinion on the Constitutionality of the Bill for Establishing a National Bank

Hamilton justified the bank by broadly construing the constitutional powers of Congress. Jefferson, however, rejected Hamilton’s argument by claiming that the ratified Constitution created a federal government that was strictly limited in its political and financial power.


Notes on the Commerce Clause: Madison at the 1787 Convention

CONVENTION OF 1787. Farrand, Max, ed. The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787.

The want of authy. in Congs. to regulate Commerce had produced in Foreign nations particularly G. B. a monopolizing policy injurious to the trade of the U. S. and destructive to their navigation; the imbecility and anticipated dissolution of the Confederacy extinguishg. all apprehensions of a Countervailing policy on the part of the U. States.