It’s your “right to keep and bear arms,” not your “2nd Amendment Rights.”
–Michael Boldin


Why Congressional Reform of NSA is Doomed and What to do About it

On the Scott Horton Show, 11-15-13: Michael Boldin, founder and executive director of the Tenth Amendment Center, discusses why Congressional reform of the NSA is doomed to failure while Dianne Feinstein remains on the Senate Intelligence Committee, and using state-level legislation to shut down NSA facilities by denying them electricity and water.

“No man’s life, liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session.”
- Mark Twain


“The laws of Congress are restricted to a certain sphere, and when they depart from this sphere, they are no longer supreme or binding.”
-Alexander Hamilton


“There is nothing in the Constitution which says the states are required to enforce or implement federal acts”
-Michael Boldin