Arizona – Are They ‘Droned’?

Droned or stoned?

While several states take steps to limit the use of drones, the Grand Canyon State seems intent on spreading the pilotless spy platforms far and wide.

Four Republican members of the Arizona Legislature [Thomas Forese, Jeff Dial, Justin Pierce, and Bob Thorpe] have introduced HCR 2009 touting their State’s qualifications to be a major player in the drone industry.

Of particular note are items:

[2] ……….”pursue the high priority requirements of the United States Department of Defense
[3] ……… “simultaneously ensuring respect and regard for the individual privacy rights of those…”

[6]………” common-day occurrence in which manned and unmanned aircraft fly safely and seamlessly together in national airspace.

One [at least a liberty loving one] would argue that 24/7 surveillance of the American People is not as great an idea as it may appear on the surface.  As an example, someone might suggest