11 and Counting: Virginia Governor Signs “Right to Try” into Law, will Effectively Nullify Some FDA Restrictions on the Terminally-ill

RICHMOND, Va. (Mar. 27, 2015) – Yesterday, a Virginia bill was signed into law that would nullify in practice some Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules that prevent treatments from being used by terminally ill patients. Introduced by Rep. Margaret B. Ransone (R-99) with 23 bipartisan co-sponsors, House Bill 1750 (HB1750), the Virginia Right to…


Even with the Good News, Things are Extremely Bad

If you follow this site regularly or subscribe by RSS – you’ll see us posting a lot of good news about state nullification bills moving forward.

And it’s true, there’s more good news on this front than we’ve ever seen.

But the fact of the matter is this – things are bad, extremely bad – and they keep getting worse.


Montana Legislature Passes Bill to Shine Light on Federal/State Partnerships, Goes to Governor to Be Signed Into Law

Yesterday, the Montana state Senate gave final approval to bill that would shine light on the resources the state devotes to implementing federal regulations and the corresponding mandates placed upon it. Having already passed the state House, the bill will now go to the governor’s desk. Introduced by Rep. Bill Harris (R-29), House Bill 315 (HB315)…


Illinois Bill To Restrict ALPRs, Help Block National License Plate Tracking Program Passes Committee, 11-0

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (March 27, 2015) –  A bipartisan bill in the Illinois House that would put strict limitations on the use of Automated License Plate Readers (ALPRs) by law enforcement in the state, and would place significant roadblocks in the way of a federal program using states to help track the location of millions of everyday people through pictures of their license plates, unanimously passed out of committee Wednesday.


Texas Action Alert: No Resources for NSA Spying, Support HB3916

Texas is home to a massive physical NSA facility that relies on the independent Texas power grid to operate. That power is provided by the country’s largest public utility, and Texas can turn it off by passing HB3916. (learn more here) It has been referred to the House State Affairs Committee.


Recent Media Coverage for TAC

It’s good to see some other websites – mainstream and not – covering our work.  Here’s a few recent examples: -Washington Post linked to Mike Maharrey’s report on New Jersey being the first step to address federal militarization of police. So did The New American. Personal Liberty Digest ran my column – a status report…