Federal Government Fails to Limit the Federal Government and Protect Privacy…Again

It seems more and more apparent that all of the people waiting for federal courts to protect their privacy will decay into cobweb covered skeletons before the courts actually limit the power of the federal surveillance state.

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected what Reuters called “a test case on privacy in the digital age.” The nine justices declined to weigh in on whether police need to obtain search warrants to examine cellphone location information held by wireless carriers.


Massachusetts Bill to Facilitate the Production and Distribution of Raw Milk Receives Committee Hearing

BOSTON (Nov. 11, 2015) – Last month, a Massachusetts committee held a hearing to consider a bill that would expand consumer access to raw milk in the state. Passage would also strengthen the foundation to nullify in practice federal goals to fully ban this natural dairy product nationwide.


The Time to Shut Down the TSA is Long Past Due

A surprising headline in a mainstream publication, “Time to Close the TSA” hit the Boston Globe yesterday. What makes it unusual is that even the most critical articles about federal programs tend to focus on “reform” or “fixing” some agency or program.  But the truth is, “reform” usually just means “give them more of your money.”