Texas Bill to Stop Cellphone Location Tracking Without a Warrant Passes House Committee

AUSTIN, Texas (May 1, 2015) – A Texas bill that would prohibit law enforcement from obtaining location data from electronic devices without a warrant in most cases, representing an important first step in addressing the growing federal surveillance state, passed out of committee Monday.


Missouri Action Alert: Help Legalize Industrial Hemp and Nullify Federal Prohibition, Support HB830 and SB255

Missouri HB830 and SB255 and would legalize industrial hemp for production, and effectively nullify the federal ban.

STATUS: HB830 passed the House 104-41 on 04-23 and now must pass through the Senate Agriculture, Food Production, and Outdoor Resources committee. SB255 passed that committee previously and moves to the Senate floor. Take the following action steps to support these important bills.


Delegated and Reserved Powers: Nullification Opponents Flip the Constitution Upside Down

For over a year, we’ve repeatedly heard from supporters of an organization called Convention of States Project​ that nullification can’t or shouldn’t be done because – “Nullification….is not in the Constitution.”

We’re not sure why this particular message comes from this direction, but it’s consistent, and common.

More important, though, this is a great example of the complete and utter lack of constitutional education in this country.