Are we Done Waiting Yet?

With the recent decision by the Supreme Court not to even hear the case against the indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA, I have to ask a familiar question to the majority of people who still value the Constitution: are you ready to take the responsibility to defend our governmental charter?

We have the power; we need to get our local leaders to stop the wholesale selling out of our rights.


This week, I’m personally stuffing, sealing, labeling and stamping 3000 direct mail pieces. This is a LOT of work, but it absolutely needs to be done. 
On the one hand, the nullification movement is really growing strong – and this is covered in our upcoming “State of the Nullification Movement Report” which will be available for free this month.

On the other hand, the amount of financial help and general support by action through writing and other volunteer work has dropped dramatically the last 2 months.

For example, so far this month, our regular donations have been less than $1000. That’s not even enough to cover one full-time employee…and this operation really requires 10.

We rely heavily on volunteers to get things done, but we will not survive much longer without some financial help. Can you please pitch in?