Landslide Victory: First step to gun control nullification in Missouri

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., August 5, 2014 – In a landslide today, Missouri voters took a powerful first step towards a nullification of gun control measures by approving a constitutional amendment “obligating” the state to defend the right to keep and bear arms against all infringements.


What Do Founding Era Sources Reveal About the Second Amendment?

I spent last week vacationing in Florida. One of the things I really enjoy about getting away from the daily routine is the opportunity to catch up on reading. So, while lounging on the beach, I dug into founding era sources surrounding the proposal and ratification of the Second Amendment. Here are some things that were very clear.


Missouri Action Alert: 2nd Amendment Preservation Act Moving Forward

Missouri bill HB 1439, the Second Amendment Preservation Act, was passed by the State House and moved forward in the Senate committee on 04/15/2014 (click here to learn more about this bill).

YOUR ACTION IS NEEDED NOW to make sure the bill is scheduled on the Senate floor for a final vote.  Here is what you need to do ensure this bill becomes law in Missouri.