Minnesota Action Alert: Help Stop Unconstitutional Spying

Two bills (more info here) were introduced this year by State Senator Branden Petersen (R-Andover) to help protect the privacy rights of Minnesota residents against unlawful intrusion. Follow the action steps below to support these important bills. STATUS: SF32 and SF33 were both referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee, where they will need to pass…


Missouri Action Alert: Help Stop Obamacare, Support SB51

Missouri SB51 would suspend the licenses of insurance carriers who accept federal subsidies through the federally-run Obamacare exchange within the state, effectively nullifying these illegal IRS subsidies.

PLEASE TAKE THE FOLLOWING ACTIONS – It doesn’t matter where you live in the state, please follow all these steps to support this bill.


ACTION ALERT: Support Washington State Bill to Nullify Federal Hemp Ban

SB5012, a bill that would legalize industrial hemp for production within the state of Washington, was introduced on Jan. 12 by State Senators Brian Hatfield (D-Raymond) and Jim Honeyford (R-Sunnyside). It will need to pass through the Senate Agriculture, Water & Rural Economic Development Committee before the full senate can vote on this bill.


ACTION ALERT: Texas Bills to Nullify Federal Gun Control Need Your Support

House Bill 422 (HB422) would require that the state of Texas refuses to enforce almost all federal gun control measures enacted at anytime – past, present or future. House Bill 413 (HB413) declares all federal restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms to be “invalid” and “not enforceable” within the state of Texas. YOUR ACTION…


South Carolina Action Alert: Support Two Bills to Help Nullify Gun Control

Passage of two bills (S.117 and S.125) in South Carolina would virtually nullify all federal gun control measures – past, present and future.

STATUS: Both bills have been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee, where they will need to pass by a majority vote before consideration by the state senate.