Building Bridges where none existed before: TAC flies blimp over NSA Data Center in Utah

I like building bridges – especially where most people think they can’t exist.

Case in point. This morning, TAC partnered with Greenpeace and Electronic Frontier Foundation to fly a blimp directly over the NSA data center in Utah. It had a sign on it and an arrow pointing down – “illegal spying below!”


Live Blog: South Carolina H3101 in the State Senate

Live Blog: South Carolina H3101 in the State Senate On Wednesday, March 19th, the South Carolina senate is expected to vote on cloture to end debate on the Davis Amendment to H3101. Once that happens, there should be dozens of new amendments proposed in an attempt to stall the final vote on the legislation. Expect…


Nullify Obamacare: Michael Lotfi speaks in support of South Carolina H3101

Michael Lotfi, executive director for the Tennessee chapter of the Tenth Amendment Center, delivered a speech at the “Nullify Obamacare” rally on the steps of the State House in Columbia, S.C.. Lotfi spoke to the crowd of approximately 450 people in the pouring rain and told them to hold their state legislators accountable.