Nullification Is The Answer!


Plain and simple, Washington D.C. is never going to fix Washington D.C.

Not today.

Not next week.

Not even after November 2014.

If you’re going to depend on a political campaign to get (R)’s or (D)’s elected to fix this problem, then you’re destined to be disappointed – and enslaved. The simple fact is that everyone in Washington, Republican and Democrat alike, now believes that they work for a benign, but totalitarian government. They are determined to use their power “for good,” as they define it, but they’re not about to give up their power under any circumstances.

Hell, it took the House an entire year just to bring contempt charges against Attorney General Holder for his stonewalling in “Operation Fast and Furious”. And we know that the Senate will do nothing, even with all of the new revelations concerning the IRS, NSA wiretapping, Benghazi and on and on. It’s all a masquerade. Do we really want to count on these people to protect our Liberty? The idea of a limited government with enumerated powers is not even on their radar.

We burned two entire years waiting for the Supreme Court to save us from Obamacare only to have them betray our trust. How long will we wait for Congress to betray us this time around?


Stop Following the DC Playbook!


What do we do when the federal government exercises powers it does not rightly possess, or when it violates basic rights protected by the Constitution?

Most Americans have been trained to turn to Washington D.C., pinning their hopes on the next election, or on a favorable Supreme Court ruling to check federal power. But when you really think about it, this fails the logic test. We are asking the federal government to interpret and limit its own power! This is kind of like letting a Duke University player referee a game between the Blue Devils and the Tar Heels. Probably wouldn’t turn out too well for the boys in Carolina Blue!

The founders of the United States fought a bloody war to free themselves from a king who believed he had absolute authority to dictate anything he pleased. It seems more than a little unlikely that these same men would create a new system in the image of the old. In fact, they adamantly opposed it. Therefore, some mechanism must exist to stop the federal government from grabbing power it was not intended to have.

Ink on paper cannot not enforce itself.

The states hold that enforcement power.


Wisconsin Representative Introduces Firearms Freedom Act

MADISON, Wisc. – Last month, Wisconsin Rep.  Michael Schraa introduced the Wisconsin Firearms Freedom Act in a speech on the capitol steps in Madison.

“The reason we are gathered here today is because we have a few radicals in Washington D.C. that think all of us law abiding citizens in this country are not responsible enough to own firearms. Well, I have a message for all of those radicals in Washington. Wisconsin will not help you take away our Second Amendment rights,” he said.



Nullification Flames Spreading

Last week, I sat on a panel flanked by a Commonwealth Foundation activist discussing Obamacare expansion in Pennsylvania and the co-author of Glenn Beck’s novel Agenda 21 discussing one-world government creepiness.

The state nullification angle – mine – was enthusiastically embraced by the group, most of whom never heard of Tom Woods, the Tenth Amendment Center or the Jeffersonian view asserting states stand as the final arbiter of the limits of federal constitutional authority.

Later, the larger group broke into smaller ‘action’ groups – Agenda 21, Obamacare and Second Amendment preservation.  I was assigned to the latter group, and we began our activist training focusing on lobbying, educating and refuting. On the subject of refuting, we walked through the common objections to state nullification. (supremacy clause, neo-confederatism, racism, etc.) These folks – just introduced to the topic of nullification – were already brainstorming on how to spread their knowledge.


Constitutional Sheriffs Convention a Successful Promotion of Liberty

originally published at The New American

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) held a successful convention last Friday and Saturday at the Ameristar Hotel in St. Charles, Missouri, a large suburb west of St. Louis. (See video below.)

Featuring a variety of nationally recognized speakers delivering dozens of liberty-promoting messages, the hundreds of lawmen and lawmakers in attendance were reminded of the vital role played by state and local law enforcement and elected officials in repelling the federal government’s assault on freedom.

A central aspect of the state and local counter-offensive is the nullification of any and all unconstitutional acts of the federal government.

Presentations on the first day of the convention were divided into four sections: The Constitution and the Oath of Office; The Right to Keep and Bear Arms; State Sovereignty and the Tenth Amendment; and American Liberty: Whose Job is it?

Representing the John Birch Society, this reporter spoke during the fourth segment, describing threats to liberty posed by the indefinite detention provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and the effectiveness of state measures refusing to enforce those provisions inside state borders.

Other keynote speakers included Sheriff Richard Mack, founder of the CSPOA, who recounted his experience fighting the Brady Bill and winning his case at the Supreme Court.