Live Blog: South Carolina H3101 in the State Senate

Live Blog: South Carolina H3101 in the State Senate On Wednesday, March 19th, the South Carolina senate is expected to vote on cloture to end debate on the Davis Amendment to H3101. Once that happens, there should be dozens of new amendments proposed in an attempt to stall the final vote on the legislation. Expect…


Nullify Obamacare: Michael Lotfi speaks in support of South Carolina H3101

Michael Lotfi, executive director for the Tennessee chapter of the Tenth Amendment Center, delivered a speech at the “Nullify Obamacare” rally on the steps of the State House in Columbia, S.C.. Lotfi spoke to the crowd of approximately 450 people in the pouring rain and told them to hold their state legislators accountable.


Pictures from Nullify Now Raleigh

Here’s a first set of pictures from Nullify Now! The event was fantastic, with speakers like Tom Woods, Mike Church, Publius Huldah – plus staples like Mike Maharrey and Jason Rink. These are from our Instagram account – expect to see more soon! [justified_image_grid limit=5 max_rows=1 instagram_recents=342297256 instagram_tag_filter=nullify,nullifynow] We’re very grateful for the sponsorship from folks…


Arizona Special Event: Land Sovereignty

State sovereignty the whole point to the 10th Amendment! Catastrophic wildfires, rural Economies crippled all because of poor management and misuse of power by the Federal Government… Join Utah State Rep. and President of the American Lands Council for a presentation and Action Plan on how we can take back control or OUR state lands!  So that we…


See Dr. Tom Woods in Wisconsin Sept 21st !

Should Wisconsin Help Stop An Out-of-Control Federal Government ?

Dr. Tom Woods and other featured speakers and panel experts will answer that question and provide Wisconsinites nullification tools at Reclaiming the Republic: The Case for Nullification.   Join us Saturday, September 21st at Country Springs Hotel in Pewaukee, WI, and learn how states’ rights can be asserted in Wisconsin ! Woods

State nullification is happening across our country.  State legislatures in other states are working to block unconstitutional federal interference in healthcare, firearms, marijuana, airport security, spying on and indefinite detention of U.S. citizens, etc.  Why hasn’t Wisconsin government yet acted ?

Event speakers include Tom Woods, author of Nullification: How to Resist Tyranny in the 21st Century, is recognized as the foremost authority on state nullification.  Hear Dr. Woods lay out the historical basis and strategies for checking federal power.


The Line in the Sand

Congress, the president and the courts will never fix America’s problems – the problems they have created.

To think they will is a waste of time.

So what can be done if the government violates the very Constitution that defines it? What protections are available for the people?

The people of the states, the creators of the federal government,who agreed to its existence through the Constitution, are fully empowered to decide not to comply with any act outside the scope of federal authority.

Thomas Jefferson rejected judicial review as the final authority because he never trusted the courts. He never saw the wisdom of placing so much power in the hands of a few judges. Instead, he articulated the most effective option – nullification, “the Rightful Remedy.” Jefferson believed it was up to the people of the states, the parties who ratified the Constitution, to stand up to the government when it exceeds its constitutional bounds.