Nullification Video Series Update: Location Scouting at Recording Studios

The support for our upcoming nullification video series: Teach 150,000 people to nullify, was above and beyond what we had aimed for. This is allowing us to ramp up the quality of our production, and we’ll record in a professional studio rather than here in my apartment and home office. Last Friday, I toured a number of studios here in Los Angeles.

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Reaching Tens of Thousands of People About Nullification

In late September, two generous supporters gave the TAC $5000 to start doing some higher-quality web videos – with a goal of being able to reach new people with our message. Nullification and the Constitution, of course. The results? On this very modest budget, some great return so far – Around 60,000 total views and…


Video: Illegal Spying Below

This week, the Electronic Frontier Foundation released a video with a behind-the-scenes look at the coalition against NSA spying, and the recent publicity action over the data center in Bluffdale, Utah. Featured in the video was TAC founder, Michael Boldin. “They’re having a difficult time using it, and we know they need a lot of…