14 Governors Threatened, Hoax?

When I first saw this article entitled “14-Governor Threatened with Immediate Arrest by Obama” published on Canada Free Press I immediately contacted the editor. It initially seemed like a hoax to me, but if true was big news. Given the wild topic, I only found the article’s validity possible because of the strong reputation that…


Kagan’s “Long Academic Career”

I’ve yet to see a better comment on Ms. Kagan than this gem from Professor Kevin Gutzman: President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee has, in her long academic career, published “only three law review articles, a few short essays and two brief book reviews.” I had more publications than that by the time I finished grad.…


Plan For Freedom

In a recent article, radio talk-show host, columnist for the Washington Times and president of the Edmund Burke Institute, Jeffrey Kuhner, asks the question, “Will America break up?”[1] Kuhner is not the only intelligent and reasonable person asking this question and predicting its reality. Igor Panarin, a professor at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian…


A Constitutional Convention Needs Years of Preparation

Since most Blog writers do not elucidate their worldview up front and create an interest to discover what the writer has to say, out of respect for the reader’s time, I consider it an act that should be a requirement for all writers. I say this because I have spent the last six years consuming…


The Real Truth About the 10th Amendment Movement

Every level of centralized government that is broken down gives average Americans more control over what they put in their bodies, where they go and how they choose to spend their earnings. Every layer of authoritarian control traps within it a bevy of natural rights and we are quite simply empowering average people to take back what is their birthright.


Repeal the 17th Amendment

Does it seem cold to anyone else right now?  I’m sure the answer is yes.  More signs that the sub zero temperatures have extended as far down as hell appeared today, or at least what I read in the today’s Huffington Post seemed equally shocking.  In Tony Blankley’s latest piece for The Huffington Post he took…


No Need to Abandon Ship

Now that the Senate has voted to pass National Health Care legislation and we’re one step closer to a DC mandate, many Americans are experiencing an even greater sense of frustration and despair. “All is lost…” has been tweeted more than a few times, but I am happy to write these lines: Nothing is lost.…


Speech by Michael Opitz of Madison Forum

Michael Opitz Tea Party Speech, Marietta Georgia, July 3, 2009 Good evening my Name is Michael Opitz and I am President of the Madison Forum, a civic non-partisan organization focused on “Good Government” through understanding truth and facts. I want to give special recognition to Madison Forum Member, Richard Gruetter, self-taught Constitutional Scholar from whose…


From Sovereignty Declaration to Implementation

by Pete Ketcham


Several months ago I started my efforts to promote action on the 10th Amendment in Idaho. This effort was based on the encouraging fact that the Idaho Legislature passed House Joint Memorial No.4, a sovereignty declaration not requiring the Governor’s signature. My original motivation in this effort was not to promote partisan politics. It was not an emotional effort to “strike a blow for freedom”, nor was it a revengeful effort to put the Federal Government “in its place”.

It was and still is a matter of SURVIVAL.