The Constitution Isn’t Silly Putty, Even Though They Treat it that Way

I loved playing with Silly Putty when I was a kid. My favorite Silly Putty activity involved pressing it onto newsprint. The putty would pick up whatever was underneath – creating a mirror image. I thought it was a hoot to press it on the Sunday comics and get a copy of Snoopy or Beetle Baily. Then I would pull the edges of the Silly Putty and distort the picture into all kinds of weird contortions.


Today in History: Georgia Ratifies the Constitution

On January 2, 1788, the State of Georgia ratified the Constitution for the United States. Georgia was the fourth state to do so. The ratification message was short and to the point, and there appears to have been little debate.

The following ratification text is taken from the Library of Congress’s copy of Elliot’s Debates.