Tenth Amendment Center Responds to White House Press Secretary’s Comments About Federal Marijuana Enforcement

Shortly after claiming that Pres. Trump is a “firm believer in states’ rights,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer today said it’s likely the Justice Department will try to ramp up federal enforcement efforts against recreational marijuana states.


Rediscovering The Tenth Amendment?

It is not often the Tenth Amendment gets mention during a legislative committee meeting. Even less often is it referred to accurately or in a positive way.

So, I was pleasantly surprised to see this occur at a Washington House Education Committee meeting discussing the role of the federal government in education during a presentation by Lee Posey, federal affairs counsel for National Conference of State Legislatures.


Janet Yellen Grilled on Federal Reserve Partisanship

by Tho Bishop, Mises Institute Just days after Donald Trump accused the Federal Reserve of playing politics with low interest rates during the first presidential debate,Congressman Scott Garrett challenged Chairman Janet Yellen today on whether Fed officials were guilty of playing politics this campaign season. In particular, Garrett questioned the actions of Fed Governor Lael…