Virginia Republican House Leadership Chooses Federal Supremacy; Kills Legislation to Block Federal Gun Control

Leadership in the Virginia House of Delegates took an ax to legislation that would have defended Americans’ gun rights against unlawful federal intrusion, killing three bills to support the Second Amendment without so much as a vote.


Opportunity Lost: New Mexico Rejects Bill to Legalize Marijuana, Nullify Unconstitutional Federal Prohibition

SANTA FE, New Mexico (Feb. 22, 2016) – The New Mexico Senate killed an important measure to legalize marijuana this week, squandering an opportunity to nullify federal prohibition in effect. Instead, New Mexico will help maintain the unconstitutional status quo.


Failing Constitution 101, Making Stalin Proud: Chris Christie on the 4th Amendment

The dust-up between New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul over presidential fidelity to the Constitution — particularly the Fourth Amendment — was the most illuminating two minutes of the Republican debate last week.

It is a well-regarded historical truism that the Fourth Amendment was written by victims of government snooping, the 1770s version. The Framers wrote it to assure that the new federal government could never do to Americans what the king had done to the colonists.