Alaska Ballot Measure 2 Becomes Effective Today: On the Road to Nullifying Federal Marijuana Prohibition

Today, Alaska joined Washington State, Colorado and Oregon in taking steps to nullify in practice the decades-long unconstitutional federal prohibition on marijuana.

Ballot Measure 2, which was approved by Alaska voters in Nov. 2014 by a 53-47 margin, went into effect today, legalizing marijuana for the general public, and the first step to effectively nullify the unconstitutional federal prohibition on the same.


Pennsylvania Bill Would Effectively Nullify Federal Ban on Medical Marijuana

A Pennsylvania bill would legalize medical marijuana in the state, effectively nullifying the unconstitutional federal prohibition on the same. Introduced by State Sen. Michael Folmer, Senate Bill 3 (SB3) sets up a state regulatory regime that would allow medical marijuana to make its way into the hands of the sick, something that unconstitutional federal law…