Maryland Action Alert: Support HB1016 to Nullify Marijuana Prohibition

On Feb. 6, HB1016 or the Cannabis Freedom Act was introduced to nullify federal marijuana prohibition in the state of Maryland. (learn about it here) It was promptly referred to the Judiciary Committee where it will need to pass by majority vote before it is moved to the whole house for consideration. STATUS: HB1016 will…


Hawaii Legislature Introduces Two Bills to Nullify Federal Marijuana Prohibition

Duplicate bills to nullify the federal prohibition on marijuana were introduced in the Hawaii legislature earlier this month.

The legislation would “decriminalize and regulate small amounts of marijuana for personal use; establish a licensing scheme for the cultivation, sale, and use of small amounts of marijuana for personal use; tax marijuana sales in the same manner as state excise taxes; and subject income derived from marijuana sales to income taxes.”


Missouri Legislation Would Nullify Federal Marijuana Prohibition

HB1659 becomes the latest bill introduced in the Missouri Legislature that would further reduce the restrictions on the possession and use of marijuana. It joins HB1324 and HB1325 – all of which if passed would legalize marijuana, making Missouri the latest state to virtually nullify the unconstitutional federal “drug war.”