Grant Money: A Siren’s Song Luring Local Governments into Federal Snare

You often hear about federal asset forfeiture programs that funnel money to local police departments, shifting their loyalty from the citizens they are sworn to protect to the central government. But you might be surprised to know how the federal government does the same thing to other county officials through offers of federal grant money.

Working in my county government for a little over a year, I’ve received frequent offers of grant money, and I’ve come to think of it as the “Grant Siren Song.”


Local Cops Getting Spy Gear from Feds; States Can Stop It

Federal militarization of state and local police has gone beyond armored vehicles and combat grade weapons, and now encompasses the latest surveillance technology. Not only are state and local cops secretly obtaining high-tech spy gear, non-disclosure agreements signed by law enforcement agencies essentially give the FBI complete control over how your local cops gather evidence.