Federal, not National: These United States

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During the Massachusetts ratification debates, Fisher Aims gave a stark warning that’s been totally ignored over the last 100-plus years. He said a “consolidation of the States would subvert the new Constitution.”


Nursing Industry Proves We Don’t Need Feds to Regulate Everything

Americans have an obsession with centralizing regulatory functions in the federal government. Whether it be environmental, business or safety regulations, people reflexively turn to D.C. Most Americans believe only uniform dictates from the feds can adequately regulate various professions and industries. But the field of nursing proves this assumption wrong.


Obama Versus the States

A recent article by Governing suggests that despite initial signs of cooperation between state governors and the federal government at the beginning of President Obama’s administration, for the last eight years they’ve been mostly at odds with one another. However, the article also demonstrates that Obama’s efforts to usurp state authority are not unique to his…