Proof the DOMA Ruling was Spot On.

Well, “proof” is defined by perspective, right? All the proof I need on this one is just one man’s name.

Jack Balkin.

Jack is a “leading constitutional scholar” from Yale. What does that mean? He advocates the living constitution. You know the one – the kind of constitution that morphs and changes based on the whims of politicians, judges, and Jack himself.

I consider him one of the worst of the worst in this field. And, what did he have to say about the DOMA case?


McDonald v. Chicago: The Great Misunderstanding of State Sovereignty

One of my highly-esteemed colleagues, Wilton Strickland, who is an author, columnist, attorney in Florida and Montana, magna cum laude graduate of the college of William and Mary law school and a fond friend of liberty accurately described a major problem in America relative to restoring freedom in the States in his recently-released article entitled, Staying Away…


ObamaCare is a threat to federalism

From the Heritage foundation, via the WSJ: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act represents more than a federal takeover of health care; it is a direct threat to federalism itself. Never before has Congress exercised its power under Article I, Section 8 of the Federal Constitution to force American citizens to purchase a pri…


Should Liberals Champion States’ Rights?

Regular readers of this blog will know that the answer to that question is a resounding YES! But for many people in America, particularly those on the left side of the political spectrum, the notion of states’ rights is as repulsive as it is misunderstood. Of course, if they grasped the concept of federalism and…


Utah Legislators Call for Fiscal Federalism

Tea partiers take note: at the forefront of any effort to reduce the size of the federal government should be the devolvement of federal programs to the states. Achieving this may seem like mission impossible given the states’ addiction to federal money. However, there are signs that the idea of returning the relationship between the…


Co-opting the Constitution

My esteemed colleague at THE NEW AMERICAN, Thomas R. Eddlem, does an excellent job dismantling the latest effort by the mainstream, beltway Right to hijack the Tea Party Movement (TPM) and link the Constitution with war and torture. Don’t fall for the latest lies from these establishment neoconservatives, people! Here’s an excerpt of Eddlem’s article:…