JSOC and Revelations of a False Savior

Many of those who currently support president Obama voted as a protest against Bush and the policies of the past 8 years, an administration that was about as transparent as a bottle of mud. The prevailing thought amongst the “Change We Can Believe In” crowd was that America would see an entirely different approach under our new president and consequently an end to the days of Blackwater, torture and the dark ways of his predecessor.

In a recent article in The Nation, Jeremy Scahill, who gained noteriety for noted for his expose on the Blackwater era, informs us that there has been little change in many of the inhuman policies that showered innocent lives with death and destruction during the Bush years.


Iran: The Usual Suspect

Sabre rattling about Iran’s nuclear program was once again everywhere in the corporate media last week.  Despite sounding strangely familiar it was Obama’s administration this time, perceived by many as an ‘anti-war’ candidate before the general election last year. So much for that. Many have analyzed the Iran nuclear scenario and can find no motive…


Obama and War Powers

Recently, some prominent liberals have made significant efforts to disparage the tenth amendment/state sovereignty movement as ignorant, fringe, rightwing nut-jobs. But truly principled liberals* who desire a peaceful foreign policy are over looking how Jeffersonian constitutionalism of a limited federal government could actually help to halt the unnecessary U.S. interventions abroad. For an example, did…