VA Intrastate Commerce Act up for key vote tomorrow

If we choose to exercise it, the Tenth Amendment explicitly gives us the power to enforce the Constitution’s letter and spirit through political action, regardless of the opinions and preferences of the ruling class.


Montana lawmaker seeks to create state militia

In a move that will hopefully be copied nationwide over the next few years, Montana lawmakers are considering forming and training an armed volunteer force of “home guards” certified by the governor and not subject to federal oversight. These home guards would be under the direct authority of the county sherriffs and the governor during any state emergency.

According to the Billings Gazette:

Supporters said the bill is not about arming citizens but to provide additional emergency services as some other states do.

A number of states have a state defense force like a “home guard” for responding to emergencies but few states have an armed force like the bill proposes.

As you might expect, the idea of a sovereign state organizing its citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights has met with considerable shock, outrage and hyperbole from the Left.


What do we do about it?

Here’s part 1 of my speech from the Nullify Now! ( conference in Fort Worth, TX on 9/4/10. The focus? Principles of government and what to do when it doesn’t follow the constitution. If you’re in Orlando, Chattanooga, Phoenix, or Los Angeles – I’ll be speaking at those events as well – click here for…


Immigration: A state or federal power?

A pretty interesting question in the Chicago Tribune: If it is unconstitutional and odious for state and local cops to enforce federal immigration laws, then why hasn’t the Obama administration sued dozens of Chicago collar counties and towns to stop them from doing it? Well, one side or the other, consistency is never something we…


Why I Wrote “Freedom For A Change”

During the U.S. Presidential campaigns of 2008, I endeavored to write a book about Freedom. I was literally compelled to do so with the most motivated passion and necessity. Why? Because I saw how the wall of separation between Slavery and Freedom has crumbled and has not withstood the ambitions of tyrants or the ignorance…


Fear of the Federal Government is not radical it is American

Our education “system” is broken. When the main stream media can get away with making the argument that it is “dangerous” to stir the people up to fear their government, which may lead to violence, shows their ignorance of our history and founding. Our founders were skeptical and inherently suspicious of centralized power. The creation…


Compounding Liberty

What is the purpose of a state government? Historically, and even in modern times, countries with states or provinces we’re ruled by a strong central government. Any rules that were passed by the central government applied to each state. So, do we really need states? The Founders intended to make American states completely different than…