After reporting news of the Tennessee bill to virtually nullify Obamacare this week, at least nine co-sponsors have removed their names from the legislation, including the Lt. Gov. ¬†¬†Inside sources tell us that Gov. Bill Haslam is on a rampage and doesn’t want Obamacare stopped in the state.

In other words, in a game of chess, TAC takes Haslam’s bishop while he grabs a few of our pawns.


Will Ohio Legislators Block Obamacare?

When Ohio Representatives Ron Young and Andy Thompson introduced HB91, the Health Care Freedom Act, back in March of 2013, they were confident that their bill would make its way to the house floor for a vote in relative short order. After all Republicans, who are supposedly opposed to Obamacare, have a veto-proof majority in both the Ohio House (60 of 99 seats) and Senate (23 of 33 seats).