The Road to Decentralization

The heat is rising and the stakes are certainly high as our state sovereignty movement continues to grow, reflecting the mainstream nature of the principles that bind us as lovers of liberty and natural rights.

As the movement grows, so have charges from the supporters of centralized government, framing the sovereignty movement as many things. Those in the corporate media seek to characterize our cause in a disparaging light- some say that we are simply a radical wing of the republican party, others claim that we are corporate operatives seeking only to damage the Democratic momentum.

Nothing could be further from the truth.


Popular Obamacare Analogies

Obama supporters come in all shapes and sizes, but none more socially powerful than the iconic Oprah Winfrey.  Last week Oprah did a segment on Denmark, perhaps in a bid to pump up support for Obamacare. The people of Denmark are said to have some of the highest numbers recorded in terms of citizen satisfaction…


The Death of Federalism: Lincoln’s Real Legacy

Any discussion of reclaiming freedom in America is pointless without an accurate understanding of how our rights were lost in the first place. The Real Lincoln, Professor Thomas DiLorenzo’s controversial book on the subject, makes a compelling case that it was Abraham Lincoln himself who set us on our present course. From the book’s foreword…


Chronology Matters

Chronology is critical when it comes to interpreting the US Constitution.  Recently, I have heard attacks on the 10th movement claiming that Article I section 8 trumps the 10th amendment, because it provides for the ‘general welfare’ of the nation and so “of course the Federal health care program is constitutional”. I had a chance…


The Federal Government is NOT the United States

Early in my development as a human being, there was the pledge of allegiance.  There was the National Anthem and of course, the Stars & Stripes. I grew up in Southern California and now that I have had a chance to deprogram myself (which has taken years) I have some questions- for one, where was…