Radio Interview: Nullification Movement Building Momentum

Last week, I appeared on the Scott Horton show to discuss six new laws that went into effect August 1. Four of these laws nullify specific federal acts in practice, and two others that went on the books placing significant roadblocks in the way of some federal programs.


Interview: Tennessee 2nd Amendment Preservation Act is 1st Step to Ending Federal Gun Control

“The federal government, quite frankly, doesn’t have the resources to go it alone”

Tenth Amendment Center​’s Scott Landreth interviewed in Tennessee on passage of SB1110 there, an important first step to ending federal gun control in that state.

Host, David Tulis Hot News Talk Radio 1240 1190 910 AM
Date: 04-14-15


Interview: Jack Spirko and Michael Boldin on the State of the Nullification Movement

I was happy to be a 2nd-time guest on the Survivalist Podcast this week! Jack Spirko has been a fantastic host, allowing me the opportunity to share my views on our movement with his listeners and giving me some really good insight on various issues too. Check out the interview, I think you’ll enjoy it.…


Interview: State Resistance to Federal Power Picking up Steam

This week on the Scott Horton Show, Mike Maharrey, the Communications Director for the Tenth Amendment Center, discusses the 200 state bills seeking to block or limit federal power, ranging from laws bypassing the FDA to allow terminal patients access to experimental drugs and treatments, to laws addressing Second Amendment and militarized police issues.…


I just had a chat with a nice reporter in Oklahoma. He wanted to talk to me about this gun bill filed there this week. I think he was surprised to talk for 30 minutes about marijuana.

His general response: “Wow, this is really interesting stuff…”