Oaths of Office and the Tenth Amendment

On March 31st, I was a guest on The Dignitary podcast. The show’s topic was the oath of office that politicians take, particularly that of upholding the Constitution. The Dignitary’s host, Jacob, and I discussed NSA spying and the importance of the Tenth Amendment Center’s motto, “The Constitution. Every issue, every time. No exceptions, no excuses.”



Interview: Setting the precedent against NSA

On March 27 Michael Maharrey was a guest on Clarkcast to discuss the Forth Amendment Protection ACT in the state of Michigan. They covered nullification generally before moving on to the more specific topic of HB5420 – introduced by representative Tom McMillin and supported by a bipartisan coalition.


Florida HB733 Could Stop Enforcement of Federal Gun Laws

Some research has shown that seven out of ten times state and local governments and law enforcement assist federal agents in enforcing unconstitutional federal anti-Second Amendment gun laws. HB733 would stop that state and local assistance making federal enforcement almost impossible.