South Carolina Action Alert: Support Two Bills to Help Nullify Gun Control

Passage of two bills (S.117 and S.125) in South Carolina would virtually nullify all federal gun control measures – past, present and future.

STATUS: Both bills have been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee, where they will need to pass by a majority vote before consideration by the state senate.


Colorado Referendum Would Effectively Nullify Some Federal Gun Control

Even though the 2nd Amendment offers no exceptions to the right to keep and bear arms, current federal regulations prohibit people who consume marijuana from owning, buying or even possessing firearms or ammunition. A new proposal in Colorado, if passed, would effectively nullify a significant portion of this unconstitutional federal gun control.


Two Texas Bills Seek to Ban Enforcement and Nullify Federal Gun Control

AUSTIN, Texas (December 1, 2014) – Today, two bills were filed in the Texas state house that would have the effect of nullifying virtually all federal gun control measures in the state. Sources close to the Tenth Amendment Center say that the bills have a good chance of passage, but only with strong grassroots support.