California Bill Would Require Local Approval Before Police Could Obtain Surveillance Technology

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Dec. 21, 2016) – A bill prefiled in the California Senate for the 2017 legislative session would require all law enforcement agencies in the state to submit a comprehensive Surveillance Use Policy and would prohibit the acquisition of new surveillance technology without local government approval. Passage would take the first step toward limiting the unchecked use of surveillance technologies that violate basic privacy rights and feed into a broader national surveillance state.


Following the Fourth Amendment Would Help Make America Great Again

During the last eight years, the Obama administration failed to live up to its promise reverse the Bush era’s mass surveillance of American citizens. In fact, it was expanded and justified. If you were silent, the sweeping power controlled by the president may not be on your radar for the right reasons. While there is a deep fear resonating, at least half looked the other way when “their guy” held the powers of the presidency.


Congressional “Reforms” Made NSA Spying Worse

The USA Freedom Act was sold as pledge to end NSA’s bulk collection program concerning of metadata. However, this law didn’t end bulk collection of metadata. It shifted the responsibility to telecommunications providers. The result of this law, has actually increased the spying efficiency of the NSA.

In other words, the promised “reform” made NSA spying worse.