Surprisingly, FDA gets the commerce clause right?

A May 16th Food and Drug Administration news release reported that U.S. Marshals had seized more than $11,185,000 worth of unapproved drugs. They did this at the request of the FDA because the medications are unapproved and misbranded drugs under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

The FDA complaint for forfeiture in paragraph 3 states, “articles of drug, as described in the caption, which articles were shipped in interstate commerce from outside the state of Ohio.”


Obamacare’s ‘Success’ is the Worst Nightmare for American Families

President Obama has been strutting around the country recently talking up Obamacare. Apparently, he believes that it has been a success that the American people should thank him for. He repeatedly points to the 7.1 million new enrollees in his onerous federal health care scheme as evidence of its success. Although the claim itself is highly dubious, let’s assume that it is legitimate for the sake of argument.


Louisiana Action Alert: Support HB719 to Stop Obamacare Implementation

HB719 was introduced on Feb. 28 to create a three year prohibition on the implementation of Obamacare within the state of Louisiana. (learn more about it here) It was referred to the Health and Welfare Committee where it will need to pass by a majority before it can receive a vote by the whole house.