TRUST Act Would Effectively Nullify Some Federal Immigration Policies in Illinois

A bill introduced In Illinois last week would ban the state from using resources to help enforce some federal immigration programs, effectively nullifying their implementation within the state. Senate Bill 22 (SB22), introduced by State Sen. John Cullerton as the Illinois TRUST Act, bars law enforcement officers from participating in a federal immigration policy that asks…


On Immigration and the Constitution: Am I Just a Dreamer?

Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution states that “The Congress shall have the power… to establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization.” It does not give exclusive control over migration to the National Government. It is only entrusted with establishing a uniform rule of naturalization.


California TRUST Act Proves Nullfication Works

California has successfully demonstrated how state action can thwart federal goals by simply refusing to cooperate.

The federal government wants states to help enforce its immigration laws. Californians believe those laws often violate basic human rights and civil liberties, and the state decided to act – or more accurately stated – refuse to act. The TRUST Act denies ICE the help it desires in detaining suspected undocumented immigrants and it has proven quite effective.