Bill to Curb ‘Policing for Profit’ via Asset Forfeiture Approved by California Assembly Committee

SACRAMENTO, Ca. (July 15, 2015) – Yesterday, a California Assembly Committee unanimously passed a bill that not only bolsters restrictions on state officials from seizing property without due process, but throws a wrench into federal efforts to do the same. Previously passed by the Senate, it moves one step closer to the Governor’s desk.


Oregon Hemp Debate Proves Police Arguments Against it are a Lie

Whenever a bill to allow industrial hemp farming – note, this is different than marijuana legalization – comes up in a state legislature, the leading opponents are generally law enforcement groups. These police lobbies almost always base their opposition on flawed logic and outright falsehood. A recent conflict between marijuana growers and hemp farmers in Oregon proves it.


Nullification in Effect: Oregon Governor Signs Law to Further Implement Marijuana Legalization

SALEM, Ore. (July 8, 2015) – On July 1, marijuana officially became legal in Oregon, effectively nullifying federal prohibition in practice in the Beaver State.

And even as the new law went into effect, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed another bill into law that will take Oregon’s effort to nullify in practice the federal the war on weed to the next level.