New York Action Alert: Help Nullify Some FDA Restrictions on Terminal Patients, Support A6889 and S4716

New York A6889 and S4716 would effectively nullify in practice some FDA rules that block experimental treatments for terminally ill patients.

A6889 must pass through the Assembly Health Committee, and S4716 must pass through the Senate Health Committee. Take the following steps to support these important bills.


Yet More Proof Congress Won’t Stop Mass Surveillance

A recent House Judiciary Committee markup session for the USA Freedom Act provided an inside look at political jockeying going on behind the scenes as Congress tries to hammer out some kind of surveillance reform.

It wasn’t encouraging for privacy advocates. In fact, it provides yet more proof that Congress will not ever stop mass surveillance.


Texas Committee Passes Bill to Ban Bulk Sharing of Concealed Carry Lists with Feds

AUSTIN (May 6, 2015) – Yesterday, a Texas state House committee passed bill that would ban the state from providing bulk lists of concealed carry permit holders to the federal government, something that agencies have requested elsewhere, and could potentially be used to harass or persecute lawful gun owners. The vote was 7-2.


Wisconsin Action Alert: Help Nullify Some FDA Restrictions on Terminally-ill, Support SB125

Wisconsin SB125 would nullify in practice certain FDA rules blocking experimental medicine for terminally ill patients. The bill must pass through the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services before it can receive a vote in the state Senate. Please take the following steps to support this important bill.