The Latest Edict from our “Supreme” Rulers

Writes Lew Rockwell: The Anti-Federalists predicted that a “Supreme” Court would help pave the way towards tyranny. Now the Nine Creeps have agreed with the Dictator that if he or any of his army of highly paid dependents declares a person to be a suspected enemy combatant (i.e., an enemy of the people), anything can…


A Day to Remember: Bill of Rights Day

by Harry Browne This article was originally published on December 12, 2002. For more Harry Browne archives, visit Dec. 15 should be a national holiday. No, it’s not Earth Day, or Martin Luther King Day, or Flag Day, or Beat-Up-Some-Third-World-Country Day. It’s Bill of Rights Day. If there were to be only one holiday…


Ron Paul: Principle, Patriotism and Constitutional Government

A 1997 episode of “Conservative Roundtable,” hosted by Howard Phillips, welcomes Dr. Ron Paul, Republican Congressman from Surfside, TX. Paul talks about his run to reclaim his seat after imposing his own belief in Congressional term limits on himself, focusing on what kind of character voters are comfortable supporting. He also discusses the 9th and…


No Liberty with Negative Equity

Individual liberty cannot exist in a country where un-funded obligations, plus its current debt, surpass the total value of all private assets. This is an immutable law of nature and is the condition that exists today in our country. Approximately 12 trillion debt (source U.S treasury), 14 trillion Social Security obligation, 18 trillion (Rx Drugs)…


Decentralizing Our Federal Government – The Only Viable Solution

As we observe the ignoble acts of the Senate this past weekend and our frustrations grow as we see an ever expanding central government devour more liberty and property, it’s time to state the obvious…we must force Washington DC to decentralize. The 9th and 10th Amendments will be our tool. Implicit in the Declaration and…


Anti-Constitution Libertarians

This is just the opening salvo in what I hope to be a friendly and cordial debate among liberty enthusiasts regarding what role “constitutionalism” has to play in the future of the movement to fight statism and restore the protection of individual rights.

A recurring theme I’ve encountered is the schism between pro-Constitution libertarians and those libertarians who view the Constitution as a big-government parchment which paved the way for the federal leviathan that torments us today. A fact in the favor of the latter position is the enormous federal monstrosity which tramples individual rights on a daily basis.

Strategically, I always argue that the Constitution is the key to bringing together libertarians, traditional conservatives and anti-Globalists to fight our common enemy, statism. And to throw the Constitution to the curb is to ignore the lessons of the Ron Paul Revolution. [More on that in future posts.]