Fierce Debate Erupts Over Federal Partnerships and Asset Forfeiture in Oklahoma County Sheriff Race

A heated debate in an Oklahoma county Sheriff’s race shows two contrasting mentalities common among elected officials. In this case, we have a Constitutional Sheriff who takes his oath very seriously going toe-to-toe against a big government centralizer repeating the federal propaganda no matter how absurd it may be.


Arizona Action Alert: Help County Sheriffs Stop Unconstitutional Federal Acts

Two bills requiring Federal Agents to check with the County Sheriff before conducting business in Arizona are currently moving through the Arizona legislature. These Sheriffs First and Sheriff Permission bills are meant to put restrictions on how Federal officials conduct business in Arizona.


Sheriff Mack to Missouri Sheriffs: Support the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act!

CSPOA/Sheriff Mack Press Release:  Dated Sept. 10, 2013

Today the CSPOA learned that the Missouri Sheriff’s Association “Board” voted to oppose a strong and correct piece of legislation (HB436) in an effort to override the Governor’s veto of a bill already passed by a substantial majority of MO legislators. The MO legislature was absolutely correct in doing so and was actually doing their job to keep unlawful federal gun control statutes off the backs of Missourians!

James Madison said, “We can safely rely on the disposition of State Legislatures to erect barriers against the encroachments of the national authority.” 

We should be able to depend on Sheriffs, Chiefs of Police, County Commissioners, and all other local officials to do the same; erect barriers against tyranny and DC corruption. The federal government is out of control and local officials have no obligation to go along with it, quite the contrary. If we do oppose federal usurpations then the feds might just retaliate by cutting federal funding for local programs. What does that make local leaders who compromise liberty to keep federal grants coming in?