California TRUST Act Proves Nullfication Works

California has successfully demonstrated how state action can thwart federal goals by simply refusing to cooperate.

The federal government wants states to help enforce its immigration laws. Californians believe those laws often violate basic human rights and civil liberties, and the state decided to act – or more accurately stated – refuse to act. The TRUST Act denies ICE the help it desires in detaining suspected undocumented immigrants and it has proven quite effective.


After Committee Vote, California 4th Amendment Protect Act Faces Uphill Battle

SACRAMENTO, Ca., August 7, 2014 – Yesterday, an important California State Assembly Committee voted unanimously to pass the 4th Amendment Protection Act. But, a new amendment to the bill would “completely kill its purpose” according to supporters.


Taking a Swipe at Big Brother: Missouri voters say YES to Privacy

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., Aug. 5, 2014 – By a big margin at the polls on Tuesday, Missouri voters took an important step to protect their electronic communications and data from the prying eyes of state and local law enforcement, and also effectively blocked a small but intrusive practical effect of federal spying within the state.


Anti-Spying bill signed into law in New Hampshire

CONCORD, N.H., July 24, 2014 –  New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan has signed into law a bill that not only bans state and local law enforcement from searching an electronic device without a warrant, but also prohibits a small but important category of what the NSA has been doing with the warrantless data it collects.


Colorado No Longer Alone: Washington State Joins In Nullification of Federal Marijuana Laws

As Colorado’s six month progress report on its legalized pot economy confronted naysayers with news of plummeting crime, the second state to open itself to recreational cannabis sales made headlines of its own.

Last Tuesday, marijuana was officially introduced into the above ground market in Washington state, sealing another victory in efforts to nullify unconstitutional federal prohibition.


CA Senate panel passes bill to ban warrantless drone surveillance

A California bill to strictly limit drone use passed out of an important state senate committee last week, and is now slated to receive a vote from the full senate. The bill had previously passed through the state assembly by a 63-6 vote. Assembly Bill 1327 (AB1327) passed through the Senate Appropriations Committee on Jun.…