Democrats generally first try to tell me that each of their various government programs are constitutional. If I’m able to convince them that they’re not, they generally respond by telling me that it doesn’t matter – and that “times change.” They’ll sometimes call me backwards, or racist, but not really often.

Republicans generally first try to tell me that each of their various government programs are constitutional. It’s far less often that I’m able to convince them that they’re not. And generally, instead of researching or discussing, they just call me names, like “Libturd” or “Commie.”

Sometimes they’ll even suggest they hope that some terrorist from ISIS will come and kill me.

It’s not scientific, but that’s my general experience.


30 Ways Congressional Republicans are the Same as Socialist Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is an Independent U.S. Senator from Vermont who caucuses with the Democrats. He is a self-proclaimed socialist. He is a Democratic candidate for president. He is many things, but a Republican he is not. Yet, even though most people think there are many differences between Sanders and the typical Republican member of Congress…


Conservatives Abandon Constitutional Principles in Quest for Immigration Law

WASHINGTON (July 27, 2015) – On Thursday, the U.S. House passed a bill that would crack down on so-called “sanctuary cities.” This Republican push advances a preferred policy of conservatives, but obliterates state sovereignty and clearly violates the well-established anti-commandeering doctrine.


We Don’t Support the Constitution to Win a Popularity Contest

Earlier today, a conservative told us we’d likely “lose a significant following” because of our view that the federal government doesn’t have the constitutional authority to ban hemp farming. Without getting into the absurdity of his view (he said it was a national security issue) – I want to make this clear: WE AREN’T TRYING TO…


Republicans Look to Revise No Child Left Behind when they Should be Working to Repeal

No Child left Behind (NCLB), the signature legislation of the George W. Bush Administration is now up for re-authorization.  Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and chairman of the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions overseeing this review, said recently that he wanted to “put the responsibility back with states and local school districts” to…