Is retaking the GOP the real goal of the Tea Party Movement?

The two-party system has failed miserably as sadly, both parties support the status quo…BIG GOVERNMENT and therein lies the problem. The fundamental question is whether this is what the Founders desired? If we believe the Founders wanted a HUGE bloated ever-encroaching federal bureaucracy, the current two-party system fits the bill.  However, there’s one problem with this scenario,…


Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old

What was once depicted as a grave act of lawlessness — Bush’s NSA program — is now deemed a vital state secret. The Obama administration, happy to hold on to the power that the Bush administration handed to it, is now saying “toss the wiretap lawsuit.” Why? Because it threatens to expose ongoing government intelligence…


Looking to the Inside

Are You Finally Ready To Trust Your Conscience?

Most politicians are not bad people, but the system has a way of chewing them up and spitting them out. Once in the system, they learn to play the game and almost always compromise their integrity when it can be justified and even sometimes when it cannot. This is done while we look the other way if it’s “our guy” and/or they give us something we want. That’s the insidiousness of democracy and these “representatives” continue to do anything to stay in power.

Many of the problems that we face today can mostly be chalked up to our divisions fueled by our two beloved major parties. While we’re fighting each other and pinning down scapegoats, the hotshot politicians are laughing all the way to the bank (you know…Citi, Goldman, so on and so forth).

I don’t believe citizens who still identify themselves as Republicans and Democrats are happy with the destination that either of our parties is taking us; they simply don’t know how to address mess they find themselves in. My gut tells me that the majority my fellow citizens want a representative to rely on defined accountability, common sense, and a set of principles that value the unalienable rights and responsibilities of the individual.


Glenn Beck is Really Coming Around

While the left is constantly screaming that Beck is some kind of nutcase that “hates America,” he’s been moving more and more to a true constitutional position, one that’s separating him from the establishment hacks on both sides of the political aisle…and one that includes positions he often denounced just a few years ago. Like…


Constitutionalists vs Conservatives

Critics who mock us as “tenthers” because we share views identical with Thomas Jefferson repeatedly make a fatal error. They believe that we are the same as the beltway, neoconservative, GOP-loyal rightwing. For instance, check out Alan Colmes attempt at “tenther-bashing.” His big finisher? Under our analysis, George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind is…


The Typical NeoCon Response?

In response to Michael Rozeff’s article on the Obama school address, we had a few angry emailers.  Not many.  But, Drew’s response here was pretty typical (spelling errors and typos have been preserved): You guys are republican bungholes with no brains.Typical neocon response.Did’nt hear you sqealing when hHabeas Corpus was abolished by Bush.did’nt hear you…


The Real Lesson of Obama’s Address?

What are we supposed to be “learning” from all the controversy about Obama’s presentation to public school students?   Well, it’s quite easy, kids and parents. As always, when there’s a real challenge to the imperial presence of the executive branch, the so-called opponents will always defend each other.  While left and right may fight…