Centralizers vs Tenthers on the Economy

“If only D.C. were more like Bejing!” In an article that could have easily been entitled “Abolish the States,” Harold Meyerson of The American Prospect, laments the ways the states have prevented the bureaucrats in D.C. from centralizing even more power. Why? Because the states aren’t draining wealth from their citizens fast enough as the…


Something in the Water? VA House Speaker Co-Sponsors Tenther Bill

BIG NEWS from Richmond just a few short days before the 10th Amendment rally on January 18th. As reported by the Richmond Tea Party via Tertium Quids: Speaker Howell has asked to be a co-sponsor of the Health Care Reform Bill [HB10], one of two 10th Amendment bills we have before the General Assembly… Get…


Tenthers: We’re Making Some Noise

Even the New York Times (which was kind to me and the Tenth Amendment Center in a few articles this past year) thinks that we “Tenthers” have been garnering some attention of late. In his “Buzzwords of 2009” article, Grant Barrett considers less than 50 words, including “Government Motors,” “Octomom,” “Public Option,” and our beloved…


Ignorance From the Left: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

If you ever wondered what the other side is saying about you, observe this post from The Elliptical Press. According to the author, states’ rights is: “[R]eally an ideology of convenience; most of these so-called libertarians were not in favor of states’ rights trumping federal law when Bush was President. Rather, its a situation of…


The “Tenthers” Are Right

They sure are right – says Anthony Gregory in his latest post at CampaignforLiberty.com: Many liberals lambasted the Bush administration on detention policy and warrantless surveillance, often arguing that they violated the Constitution. Now the Obama administration is pushing ahead with plans to require every American to purchase health insurance. Doesn’t that also violate the…


Casey Anderson, Tenther, for Congress

Casey Anderson is running for the US House of Representatives in Utah’s 2nd District.  He’s also just signed the 10-4 Pledge…10 affirmations and 10 promises on the 10th Amendment. Here’s what he has to say about his campaign, the 10th, and the Constitution: Growing up as a student in public education, I remember always hearing…


Daily Kos “Refutes” the Tenth Amendment

Although I don’t expect the state sovereignty movement to get a fair hearing over at Daily Kos, the total historical ignorance and vacuous credulity of some liberals never ceases to amaze me.

A recent post, which purports to offer intellectual firepower capable of refuting the arguments of “tenthers,” essentially states that “Everything the federal government does is constitutional because the federal government says so.”


Obviously Medicare, Social Security, and the Air Force (yes, I’ve had tenthers tell me the Air Force is unconstitutional) are legal because we’ve had them for decades without being struck down by the Supreme Court.

Obviously. Except that the Constitution explicitly did not grant the federal government authority to do anything beyond its enumerated powers, and what was necessary and proper to exercise its enumerated powers. That would by definition render both Medicare and Social Security (the Air Force being a red herring) unconstitutional.